Stop Shaving Cream Can Rust

Rust-O-Less slides easily on to the bottom of shaving cream cans.  It is reusable and comes in two sizes (gel and foam) to fit nearly all shaving cans on the market perfectly.

With almost no effort at all, you save hours on scrubbing those unsightly rust rings that never really seem to completely go away.

How it Works

The Story of Rust-O-Less

I am your typical professional... I wake up, shave everyday, go to work, come home and do it all over again, Monday thru Friday. On the weekends, I have to spend a little time cleaning and am always searching for new ways to spend less time scrubbing and more time outdoors -- enjoying what I like to do.

Back to the shaving. Like many, I prefer to shave in the shower where the skin is able to exfoliate from the warm water. When water mixes with the metal bottom of the shaving cream can, rusts rings form. These rusts circles are so strong, that even the best concoction of cleaning supplies make them a difficult to remove.

Therefore, I developed Rust-O-Less. 



About R.O.L.

Rust-O-Less was specifically designed to end rust rings in the bathroom! It is a silicone rubber cap that firmly fits around shaving cream (or gel) cans and prevents rust ring stains formed in the shower or on the bathroom countertop.

Rust-O-Less prevents rust rings that form when water mixes with the metal base of shaving cream cans.

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How it Works