Debbie – SUPER PRODUCT Needed this long ago before I had rust stains in all my bathrooms from the bottom of shaving cream containers. This is a great product. Bought three and may need more.
Cindy - This is great! This little thing does the job. It fits just right on a can of shave gel, keeping the bottom from rusting and staining my shower. It's easy to remove when the can is empty and seems like it will last indefinitely.
DeIrdre - Best Invention Ever! Finally. The best invention ever. Not sure why shaving cream manufacturers don't just put a ring of plastic around the metal on a can so it doesn't rust and make a ring in your shower, but this was the next best thing, It fit perfectly and no more unsightly rust ring in the shower.
Gregory - Simple solution to a simple problem The idea is simple and the execution is just as simple. I bought two and they both work great. The fit is tight and I can't imagine the product will loosen over time - I expect these things will be in my bathrooms for a long time to come. Hey, if it saves you from Cleaning rust just once or twice, it's worth it.
Brooke - Perfect! Saving my marble shower from rust stains! I have been looking for something like this forever! Every single one of my shaving bottles rusts. I hate it. My husband especially hates it. He's been putting duct tape around the bottom of my shaving bottles the last several months because the rust is so irritating. He is actually the one who found this product for me, and I am SOOOO glad he did! It fits perfectly- I use Skintimate or Gillette shaving bottles and this fits snugly on both. I wish I had found this years ago; it would have saved me tons of cleaning time.
Laurence - no more rust in the shower
does exactly what it says for a very reasonable price. easy to put it on and move to next can when done
MontesL - So Easy to Use, No More Stains This is a great lithe invention! Thanks for helping me keep my counters stain free from aluminum cans. It is great!
Sunny - Highly Recommend Does exactly what it says it will do. Such a simple idea, but it solves the lingering, annoying problem of rust rings. No idea why somebody didn't think of this earlier!
Tammy – Does the job This fits perfectly and prevents rust rings forming from keeping shaving cream in the shower. Liked it so much, I ordered one in gel size.
Jared - Great Idea! My wife and I just moved into a new place. After having ruined our previous bathroom with rust, we decided to purchase Rust-O-Less caps. Product works great! Fits perfectly! No more rust rings
GW - Love this product I purchased the larger size of this, too and love them both because they do what they are designed to do and that is to keep shaving cream cans from rusting/scratching your surfaces. Great product!
Linda - Awesome product This was such a great idea and can't believe it's not sold everywhere! It works so well. No water gets between can and cup. A must have for everyone!!
Shannon - No more rust stains! Simple and works great. No more hard to remove rust rings in the shower. Easy to use and able to use it over and over again.

Stop Shaving Cream Can Rust

David - Works as advertised Had marble in the shower that was starting to get rust marks. This product is the best solution for that. Fits the can perfectly and resists slipping. Definitely recommend.